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September 2005 my son went to war in Iraq at the tender age of 18. September 11th 2013 he took his own like while trying to deal with the effects of said war. He walked out of the VA on monday with papers stating he was a low suicide risk. I have medical records indicating he spoke of suicide during almost every meeting with treatment facilitators, doctors etc... He hung himself only 3 days later. We have a very broken system people. Losing Justin this way has has broken my heart in pieces I never knew existed. He was not only my son but my best friend, a father, a brother and a friend to so many. If the government isn't going to help (and they can't get it together) maybe we can do our part and help where we can. I am joining my step daughter Kara in this mission to help stop military suicide!!! I am even willing to walk, run, hop, skip or jump like it says. If you can help by donating for the cause or want to join even better. Thank you in advance for you support even if it's just a prayer.

In memory of Justin R. Norton. Soldier, son, brother & father.

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Beginning July 4th I would like to ask your support to sponsor or join me as I run/walk/bike/skate/skip/hop 22 miles in 22 days. You can do this by hitting the donate button or participate button (or both!) on the right side of this page. The hope is that each participant can raise at least $50. The number 22 represents the fact that approximately 22 soldiers take their own lives every day. They need your help! Through their service, they have shown that they would do the same for us. After you finish your 22 miles, we encourage you to post your picture on the Stop Soldier Suicide Facebook page TOGETHER WE CAN HELP BRING AWARENESS TO THE 22+ VETERANS WHO TAKE THEIR OWN LIVES EACH DAY. And we can let them know we are here to help them out of the darkness. Use hashtags on Facebook and instagram: #22in22Challenge and #22adayis22toomany

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