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From the time I was in 7th grade my dad was a Law Enforcement Professional working overseas embeded with the military. On his last tour in Afghanistan in 2013, he was shot and killed on base. As the years went on I could tell his mental state was changing. When entering college I focused on psychology and for every term paper I had to write I focused on PTSD in military personel. My dad suffered from PTSD and I wanted to do anything I could to understand his mental state. Truth is those who dont suffer from it will never really know what its like, but to watch someone you love, your dad, your hero and your strength, suffer so badly is heart breaking. I could see how he suffered and how he fought not to, he was good at hiding it, but I could see it in his eyes and the way he acted. I have seen PTSD first hand and I don't believe there is being enough done to help and be sure these men and women are getting the help they need. My dad was a true patriot, he loved his country and he loved what he did, he alwasy said "If I could change one persons life it would all be worth it," he'd be happy to see how many lives he has touched. My dad didn't commit suicide, but I saw how PTSD was running him down. PTSD in military personnel isnt taken as seriously as it should be and there is not enough being done to help.

If I, with the help from you, could change just one persons life by fundraising, it will all be worth it. 22 a day is 22 too many.


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Find a local run (or any run or marathon for that matter) that you want to run in. Do it for Stop Soldier Suicide and get sponsors to back you. Start your Run For Life campaign here to get started. You can even just run on your own or challenge friends or run in honor of a Veteran you have lost to suicide. Money you raise from sponsors means we keep saving lives and growing our Contact Center capabilities. We'll even send you a Run for Life tshirt to wear on race day.
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