The Volunteering Page of Amber Ramirez

2016 Pequot Lakes Build (Ramirez)

About This Campaign

This build is a 2-story home that we will build on an existing foundation. Our Partner Family is the Ramirez Family!

Amber & Scott Ramirez have four children: Tristan (17), Jacob (16), Amiah (10), and Mason (8). Amber and Scott were both raised by single moms, and Scott is working 2 jobs, while Amber is working 3 jobs just to afford the rent and utilities every month. That doesn't leave much time to be home as a family.

I hate having to leave that responsibility on our older two boys. It is one thing to have to watch them every now and again, but they have to do it every day after school. Their living space is extremely small for a family of 6.

Having lived in Arizona and Kansas, they both want to start fresh and make a life in Minnesota. To know that they were chosen for a Habitat house has been one of the biggest blessings of their lives!

A word from Amber:

"To finally put permanent roots down and be able to give our children a HOME means the world to us. It means:

We can provide our children with the stability they need.
We'll have a place that our kids could grow up and where we know that they will be much happier.

We will take one more step toward Scott adopting our youngest two children.

Knowing that we can afford to live, which opens up so much for us.

We will be able to go places and do things together!

We will be able to save up for our future.

We will know that when we finish up this year we will have made lifelong friends and can continue to help and pay it forward for others.

We are extremely excited to begin our journey with the wonderful people who make such blessings happen. We look forward to coming years as being part of this great big Habitat family!"

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 31444 Paul Circle
  • Pequot Lakes, MN 56472
  • USA