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Maldonado Family Build

About This Campaign

My name is Cecilia Razon Maldonado. I am so excited for my family to be working toward a Habitat for Humanity home. Nothing is impossible when you try to do the best!

There are five other members in the Maldonado Family: My Husband, Dagoberto, works at the Olive Garden; our daughter, Vanessa, who is 19, she lives in Alabama, works at Applebee's and is in school to be a nursing assistant. Our son, Edward (18) graduated from Preble in 2015, and works at Olive Garden. Mauricio (17) is a senior at Preble, and our youngest child, Diana, is 8 and is in 3rd grade at Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary School.

My husband and I are from Mexico, and we came here in 1994 as teenagers to have better lives, to help our parents, and to find jobs. We have lived in Green Bay WI since 1994, and all of our children were born in Green Bay.

It has been my dream to own a house, the American dream is to buy a house and keep it forever. This dream began when my children were small. We lived in an apartment. With a home of our own we will live in our own space. The kids will have their own space to play with family and friends. I can't wait to have my own garden. We will have a safe place to live under one roof to be a family.

I want to improve the quality of life for our family. It is important that our children get an education and graduate from high school. My husband, Dagoberto, has always worked hard to support our family and provide us with we need.

Before moving to Green Bay I graduated from high school in Mexico. I want to continue to get an education here. I take English classes so that I can get a safer job than the one I have had in the past. I have begun taking classes toward my GED through Casa Alba Melannie. Recently I stated a job at the Cathedral Book Store. We are also members of St Willebrord Church and I am a member of The Disciples of Christ class.

The first time I heard about Habitat for Humanity, was from my friend, Ingri. Later, Sister Melanie from Casa Alba explained how Habitat for Humanity works. She encouraged me to begin the process of working for a Habitat home. After the first orientation I was so motivated to continue with this process. When I found out that my family was approved to work for a Habitat for Humanity home (and to purchase it) I cried for happiness for my family and myself. That day was so special for my whole family. Thank God I have the Habitat community that supports families. God Bless!

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 1345 E Walnut St
  • Green Bay, WI
  • USA