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The first recording that Bedouin Soundclash ever did wasn't on a computer. It was to a cassette on a Fostex 4-track recorder, it meant we could only record 4 things at a time. If any of us made a mistake, we had to rewind the tape and find the spot, and record it again until it was right. And when we had the song done, we then uploaded to our desktop computers to share.

Since then, I've been fortunate to have recorded in many real studios, in Toronto, Vancouver, LA, Woodstock, Liverpool, London. And no matter how old or vintage the gear is, it always ends up being recorded to a computer.

Now, I record whenever I want using programs on my laptop. I email to generate business and use social media to interact with fans. I can design a quick poster or record a song and share it immediately. I even leave my vinyl records at home now and use my computer to DJ for convenience.

Not having a computer these days has become an inconvenience. I'm going to remember what that feels like on December 4th this year, and I ask for your support in helping Sky's the Limit to raise money for youths in need that WILL shine with the luxury of a laptop that many of us take for granted.

Watch the video! A reality in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2014.

Thanks in advance! I will be reporting how my day is different to let you know how tough it can be.


About This Campaign

Could you survive a day without your laptop? We challenge you to try it on December 4th! Imagine a day with limited access to technology. Imagine using your mobile phone to create reports or finding a local library to check your email. This is the reality for thousands of Canadian youth and we challenge you to try it for a day! All you have to do is ask your friends and family to sponsor you to go a day without your computer. It only costs $222 to provide a laptop for a youth in need - that is just 4 friends donating approximately $55! So click on the orange "Participate" button, make a profile, and you're ready to go! To date, Sky’s The Limit has provided laptops to almost 4000 youth across Canada. With your help, we can reach so many more. The [#NoComputerForADay] challenge is on! For more information, please visit:
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