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Veterinary Diagnostics Care for Low Income Families
The cost of veterinary care is often beyond the means of low-income citizens, which can lead to animal suffering and difficult decisions regarding the surrender of an animal or euthanasia of a dearly-loved family pet. Animalert is once again raising funds to help prevent these tragic situations by subsidizing the charges for tests required to diagnose and treat illnesses in pets cared for by low-income individuals and vulnerable individuals. Even small donations can make all the difference; last year we managed to raise over $4000 together, and to date this has helped numerous families obtain blood tests, x-rays, urinalysis and FIV tests for their animals. Together, this holiday season, we can do even more. You can help us by: 1) DONATING. Any amount helps us; for example, a donation of $25-$50 will pay for a urinalysis; $75 will pay for a single x-ray; $100 will pay for an x-ray series or a histopathological exam; $125 will pay for a comprehensive blood analysis. 2) FUNDRAISING. You can choose to fundraise for us yourselves by setting your own goal and involving your own network. Click on the 'Participate' button to do this. 3) SPREAD THE WORD. Tell everyone you know about our campaign to help us reach our goal!




In Support of Animalert
Animalert was founded in London, Ontario, Canada in 1977, to help animals in need; we focus on three main areas: Adoption, Education, and Spaying/Neutering. We now have about 35 active members, plus our large network of volunteers, which helps us spread the word about our adoption program and raise funds. We are able to place about 250 cats and dogs a year into responsible, loving homes. Not bad for a volunteer group, but we'd like to do better and with your help, we can! We also partner with PAWS and EVAH and their community partners in London, to help raise funds and awareness for the care of pets belonging to low income families as well as at-risk citizens.