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As a member of the armed forces myself, I know how hard my fellow service members work and have worked to provide a safe and protected environment for the people of the United States and other countries. These members have selflessly given their time and effort in order for everyone else to be able to go about their own lives freedom protected and worry free. Many members, past and present, have taken on their role with pride and courage and receive no thanks or gratitude for a job well done. Long hours, time away from home, and the stress of the job can wear anyone down but I feel more so for military members. This stress can lead to PTSD in some cases while others may not be so severe but can still cause problems that lead to suicide. Every day more than 22 veterans and active duty service members take their own lives. That trend has to stop and it needs to be made known to them that there are people who appreciate what they do and care for them and want to help. To do my part, I am participating in the 22 in 22 campaign to help stop soldier suicide. By raising money and doing 22 miles of activities in 22 days, it will help fund the contact center and help to expand it to a 24 hour operation to help soldiers in need at any time. Help me do my part by donating and in turn you will also have done your part to stop soldier suicide. Thank you for your support and contributions!

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Delaware 22in22 to Stop Soldier Suicide

About This Campaign

Welcome Fans of DTCC & 22in22!  Here are the instructions:

1. Participate in one of the campus teams (See third button to right)

2. Don't have a campus? Join as a individual or simply donate

3. Register your goal

4. Get moving!

5. Spread the word on social media and help end the epidemic...#22in22Challenge

Join Delaware Technical Community College employees and students in supporting Jacob DiSabatino as he raises awareness about and helps to eliminate the epidemic of soldier suicide. As a team or as an individual participant, you will pledge to run, walk, hop, skip or jump 22 miles in 22 days.    You can also help raise awareness of this epidemic by posting your picture in social media with the hashtag #22in22challenge or send to  the Stop Soldier Suicide Facebook page: Click Here for Facebook

The number 22 is significant in that nearly 22 soldiers take their own lives each and every day as a result of feeling they have no other way to deal with their pain and suffering. By joining this effort, you will be supporting our soldiers who put their lives on the line to protect our country. They need our help! 

 This campaign will take place Friday, September 11 through Wednesday, October 7. Let's come together to raise awareness for our heroes!
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