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I have spent as much time as I can traveling, and it has always been an opportunity to explore, to learn, and to grow as a person. I aim to experience this trip, to document this journey, and to share it with others with the hopes that we will be humbled by the truth and motivated to make a difference. Let's all persist in the name of love and peace and help out in whatever way feels most natural to us. Travel with us - join us on a mission - if traveling doesn't sound like a realistic option for you, would you be so kind as to share whatever your heart speaks to our goal of going?

Thank you for reading.
Cheers to health and happiness,
Jacquelynne Cruz

Z (OLD) Volunteer Service Trip | Dominican Republic

About This Campaign

When you sign up as a volunteer in the Dominican Republic, you will get to make ceramic filters first-hand in the filter factory. We will teach you what materials go into the filter, show you how to mold them, fire them in the kiln, and then test them for purification. In addition to this, you will have the opportunity to get to know families that do not have access to clean water and personally distribute filters to their home. We also follow-up with past filter beneficiaries to hear how these filters have changed their lives. When giving the gift of clean water, life is instantly simplified and prioritized. It's an incredible experience.

Trip Cost and Fees:

$800 per person
Airfare: Purchased on your own
Visa Requirements: $10 Tourist Card in cash upon arrival
Dates for Group and Individual Travelers:

May 10 - 17, 2016 - Indiana University
June 22 - 30, 2016 - Crestwood Christian Church + individuals
July 9-16, 2016 - Chicago Chapter + individuals
July 23 - 30, 2016 - Sayre School
September 3-10, 2016
October 29 - Nov. 5, 2016
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