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I will give deluxe hugs to everyone who donates. Redeemable anytime in life for infinite times.

30 for 30 - 30 Days for 30 Orphans

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UPDATE! If we raise a total of $50,000 by February 13th, Ryerson University will donate an additional $10,000! We also have non-online donations, the real total can be seen here: 30 for 30 (30 Days for 30 Orphans), is a campaign in which we aim to raise as much money as possible to sponsor 30 orphans worldwide in 30 days, starting on January 20th, with an end date of February 13th. Our goal is to have a campus-wide initiative in which students, student groups, student unions, professors, local businesses, as well as any and all members of the Ryerson community unite for one common humanitarian goal. You can either make a general donation on this page by clicking 'DONATE' on the right, or by scrolling down and choosing a department to donate to! Want to contribute and fundraise alone/with a group? Email us at and we'll get you started right away!
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