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Can you give up a daily coffee? I'm on a temporary secondment with United Way to assist with their fundraising campaigns. Its been an extraordinary experience. Each day I am enlightenend as to all the community services that are only possible with funding from United Way . They are in YOUR neighborhood!

I've heard from so many who all say they Never thought they would have to use these services. From food banks, child development, activities for seniors in isolation to legal assistance.

If you can, please donate so that these services can continue if ever you or I need them in the future. You never know what life has in store.
------Thank you for your time today. Keep on loving!-----

United Way Campaign Associates

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Hello! As you know, I’ve been working full-time as a Campaign Associate (CA) at the United Way of the Lower Mainland for the past few months. A group of 37 amazing people have been loaned by their companies to work at United Way at no cost to United Way, for a 16 week period to help fundraise money for children, families and seniors in need in Metro Vancouver. We all have felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take on this role for the 2015 campaign, and are sad that our time at United Way is coming to an end.

Our CA team has been working hard to make a big dent in the things that really matter. Our goal has been to build stronger communities, move families from poverty to possibility and to help kids be all they can be, right here in the Lower Mainland. We believe in the cause, and we ask that you please donate now and help make a difference for our kids, families and seniors. They will feel much gratitude - and so will you.

There is no better gift from this generation to the next than helping the young and building stronger communities.

On behalf of the CA Team of 2015, Thank you!

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