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The Canadian Geriatrics Society has a long history of supporting and promoting medical student interest in geriatrics. In addition to supporting the National Geriatrics Interest Group, it supports individual school based GIGs with funding every year. As one of the Co-Chairs of UT GIG, I can say that we would not be able to do even a third of our events without the support of CGS! I am proud to support CGS and the promotion of geriatric medicine in Canada. I hope you will too.

CGS Fun Run/Walk to Support the Scholarship Foundation

About This Campaign

The CGS is committed to improve the care of older adults and has decided through its Foundation to promote interest among Medical Students in the practice of Geriatrics. Your donation will help the CGS Foundation to achieve this objective. We are also supporting a scientific journal dedicated to the discovery and advances of care in older adults that is free of any pharmaceutical input.
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