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Singleton Build

About This Campaign

Thank you for volunteering for this build! Your efforts will help the Singleton Family with their dream of a safe, stable, and affordable home. We look forward to having you out on the work site. We promise your volunteer experience will be fun! 

Get to know the Ward - Singleton Family. Read their bio below.
Ashley Ward and Devon Singleton, Sr.
Destiny (7) | J’mere (6) | Devon Jr. (4) 

Family and Current Housing: 
A common theme among families in Habitat’s homeownership program is the desire to acquire a safe, decent, and affordable place to raise their children and live as a family. This is certainly the case for future homeowners Ashley Ward and Devon Singleton. The couple currently resides in a Stark Metropolitan and Housing Authority (SMHA) duplex in Canton with their three children Destiny, J’mere, and Devon Jr. Although the home does not have any major structural issues, it is located in a neighborhood that Ashley and Devon do not feel is a safe environment for raising their children. For example, there is a railroad running directly behind their home which poses a safety concern as the children play outside. Ashley and Devon also shared that their small duplex has become quite crowded for their family of five and that they long to have a place where the children can play outdoors in their very own backyard. The couple has several family friends who are Habitat homeowners, and after seeing a flyer promoting the homeownership program, Ashley and Devon decided to apply and pursue their dream of owning their own home through Habitat for Humanity. 

A Perfect Fit:
When deciding which lot to select for their future home, Ashley and Devon were hoping to find a location that would allow their children to continue to attend Heritage Christian School in Canton. The couple is thrilled with its excellent educational opportunities and how all three children have excelled while attending this school. In fact, Destiny, who is in 2nd grade, recently won a spelling bee and speech competition. Not only will the couple’s new home allow the children to stay at Heritage Christian, it is within walking distance of the school – a fact the children are thrilled about! 

Looking Ahead:
Like so many people in the Habitat program, Ashley and Devon will be the first in their families to ever own their own home which they recognize is a huge accomplishment. They are also very aware of the difference it will make to purchase and own their home at a young age. In addition to raising their children and fulfilling the Habitat sweat equity requirements each week, Ashley and Devon both work to provide for their family. Ashley has worked at Walthers Café for three years and Devon is currently employed at Winking Lizard. Their hard work and determination will soon pay off, and they couldn’t be more excited and grateful. “If it wasn’t for Habitat we would probably have kept renting and living as we were,” Ashley said. “But we want the best for our children, and that’s why we entered this program and are trying to achieve better for our family.”

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 1207 Dueber Ave SW
  • Canton, OH 44706
  • USA