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WE'VE GOT $5,000. WE'VE GOT $5,000.

Well, not yet. But after me, Alex, and some of our buds watch WAYNE'S WORLD, ON REPEAT, FOR 24 HOURS STRAIGHT, FOR CHARITY, hopefully, we will!

As many of you already know, I'm a volunteer and board member with Rock to the Future, an amazing Philly-based non-profit that gives COMPLETELY FREE music lessons to kids who can't afford them. In a city where school arts budgets have been eliminated, Rock to the Future is one of the only places where kids have access to and can learn to play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and other rock essentials that many of us took for granted at the same age. If you know me, you've either personally suffered through one of my performances or, at the very least, know how important music has always been to me. For the kids Rock to the Future serves, music is just as important, if not critical. In fact, our numbers SHOW that Rock to the Future's kids' grades are higher than their peers', 100 percent of graduates have gone on to college, and best of all, they all totally rock.

Unfortunately, as locals will know and non-locals may not, for almost five months, Pennsylvania has been unable to pass a budget. As a result, some smaller non-profits are suffering because of missing funds. Rock to the Future is one of those non-profits. Because of Harrisburg, RTTF is in dire financial straits.

This organization means so much to me and to the kids for whom it is a daily refuge and inspiration. I've committed to helping to close the gap created by Harrisburg's inaction. To do that, I've invited my tightest homies over to watch a movie as dedicated to rock n' roll as RTTF and the students it serves - Wayne's World - for 24 solid hours on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2015. If you can give $25, $50...anything at all, it will mean so much to me and to the great kids in this great program. As an homage to Wayne and Garth's first paychecks from Bennnnnnnnnjamin, we're asking you to help us raise $5,000. But don't stop there. Rock to the Future and its kids can use all the money you can muster.

"It's almost too easy."

Thanks everyone.


Give the Gift of Music

About This Campaign

With your support over the years, Rock to the Future has grown from providing music education for 13 students in a single after school program to impacting over 350 Philadelphia youth annually through our MusiCore after school program, musical summer camp, and in-school MobileMusic workshops. Because of amazing supporters like you, we have been able to keep all of our programs 100% free for youth who generally wouldn’t have music education due to budget cuts and family financial circumstances. Together we are making a difference.

One of those students is recent MusiCore alum Destinee, who has been with Rock to the Future since our inaugural year. Like many students at RTTF, Destinee has faced many obstacles, such as bullying and family issues, that could have easily derailed her dreams of graduating high school and attending college. It is because of supporters like you that Rock to the Future was able to intervene with Destinee to keep her on track and help her realize her dreams. As staff helped send her off to Penn State York this August for her freshman year of college, Destinee declared, "I never thought I would make it this far."

For Destinee and students like her, the opportunity to learn to read, write, and perform music at Rock to the Future is life-changing. In addition to music education, students across all Rock to the Future programs receive access to a brighter future.

We are looking forward to even more success stories this year and are excited to be helping additional youth and families. But we need YOUR support to continue growing; we have dozens of students on our waiting lists.

Will you give the gift of music to an underserved student like Destinee by supporting Rock to the Future today? Your donation will put an instrument directly into the hands of a child who will use that creative outlet to grow in ways he or she couldn’t have imagined before. Thank you for your support!

My Generous Supporters