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I recently lost my son, Michael Shane Soignier,

He took his life on the 15th of Feb. and I feel more and more lost everyday and miss him so much and I hurt so bad, everyone keeps telling me it will get better, but right now I don't believe anyone, the first month to the day anniversary of his death was Sunday, March 15th. I know I need help, but right now I am not open to it, but I so want to be able to help another soldier, so he/she will not become a statistic like my son.


About This Campaign

Find a local run (or any run or marathon for that matter) that you want to run in. Do it for Stop Soldier Suicide and get sponsors to back you. Start your Run For Life campaign here to get started. You can even just run on your own or challenge friends or run in honor of a Veteran you have lost to suicide. Money you raise from sponsors means we keep saving lives and growing our Contact Center capabilities. We'll even send you a Run for Life tshirt to wear on race day.
  1. Regina Adlkins
    Regina Adlkins gave a $150 donation to support Priscilla Soignier
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  2. Stop Soldier Suicide
    Stop Soldier Suicide

    We are so very sorry you lost your son. We are so proud of your courage and how you are honoring his life in this help save the lives of his brothers and sisters in arms. We stand by you in this commitment.

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  3. Jamie Roberts
    Jamie Roberts gave a $10 donation to support Priscilla Soignier
    Love you Cilla! Just take one day at a time! Praying always!
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