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Kimberly Griffin

Kimberly Griffin

Dr. Kimberly Griffin is an Associate Professor in the College of Education at the University of Maryland. Dr. Griffin's research explores how the experiences and environments students and faculty encounter on college campuses shape their outcomes, specifically their relationships, achievement, and career development. Her work has focused in three intersecting areas: diversity within the Black higher education community; mentoring and professional development; and efforts to increase diversity in graduate and faculty communities. Her interest in these areas have led her to pursue research in several areas, including high achieving students of color, student veterans, diversity and racial climate, Black faculty members' participation in mentoring relationships, and factors promoting diversity in graduate education. Dr. Griffin was recognized with the Promising Scholar/Early Career Award by the Association for the Study of Higher Education in 2013, and was named an Emerging Scholar by ACPA in 2010. She regularly speaks at professional conferences and meetings, and has published her work widely in peer reviewed journals such as the American Educational Research Journal, the Review of Higher Education, Journal of College Student Development, and Teachers College Record. She sits on multiple editorial boards, and is an associate editor of the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

Kimberly Griffin
2020 Diamond Honoree

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