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A Message From Manaloni Manishi Foundation (MMF) - You are what you THINK

The Manaloni Manishi Foundation (MMF) was established to serve humanity with its mission focus on education and agriculture. Good quality education beginning elementary school through high school in many parts of the world, unfortunately, is not free. Parents that cannot afford the costs either put their children to work or have them attend cheaper schools where their intellectual growth is hindered. As an effort to address it in India, MMF identifies highly deserving children and raise money to fund their education through their college. Also within the USA, MMF committed itself to encourage and stimulate children in the STEM fields through various activities such as forming a number of First Lego League teams and coach them to be competitive and driven to solve complex problems. On the other hand, the world population is forecast to surpass 8 billion by the year 2050. This will cause a substantial burden for farmers to grow crops not just within the USA but all around the world. Over the last 20 years, about 230,000 farmers in India committed suicide because they did not have the means or support to grow crops and provide a decent living for themselves and their families. Farmers constantly rely on rainwater, which is essentially a gamble. In addition, access to resources such as high-quality seeds or fertilizers is not always available. At MMF, we empower farmers by raising money for their causes and do our part in solving the world’s food problems. While MMF frequently renders help to Iowa communities through services such as the Meals from the Heartland and lunch donation services, the Covid-19 situation is preventing us to engage in these difficult times. In addition to those that regularly avail of such services, a number of Iowans who lost jobs due to the Coronavirus also began relying on food donations. It is even more imperative that these services continue at this time. Many of us have established our careers and lives in Iowa. As a team, we wish to raise money for the Food Bank of Iowa and help alleviate the food problem as best as we can. https://manalonimanishi.org/


meals ($1 = up to 4 meals) of 20,000 goal
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At the Food Bank of Iowa, we’re dedicated to ending hunger in Iowa—for the children, families, seniors and veterans we serve. With your help, we can.

$0.97 cents of every dollar donated to Food Bank of Iowa supports our food distribution programs. By keeping administrative services expenses low, we can stretch your dollar to provide more meals to Iowans experiencing hunger.

Stopping hunger starts here.



Provides 4,000 meals



Provides 2,000 meals



Provides 1,000 meals



Provides 400 meals



Provides 200 meals



Provides 100 meals