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Tenet Health's Healthy Over Hunger Cereal Drive

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The Legacy of the Healthy Over Hungry Cereal Drive

In a hospital, nurses often see the problem first. And Pam Taurence is no exception. Day after day, Pam and her colleagues at Children’s Hospital of Michigan treated kids who were struggling with food insecurity and saw the devastating effects that it had on their health.

As the chair of the Professional Nurse Council (PNC) at Children’s Hospital, Pam challenged herself and fellow PNC members to address this problem not only for their patients but for all of the children living in food-insecure households in Detroit. The nurses knew that summer was particularly challenging because kids could no longer rely on their schools for meals. So in June of 2010, the Cereal Drive was born.

In its first year, more than 160,000 servings of cereal were donated to Gleaners Community Food Bank for area children. Since then, 15 other pediatric hospitals have joined in the fight against hunger and Tenet Healthcare has adopted this initiative company-wide to address the importance of eating a healthy, well-balanced breakfast every day.

In 2015, the newly named “Healthy Over Hungry” Cereal Drive collected a staggering 2.6 million servings of cereal and $75,000 for more than 70 of Feeding America’s local food banks and distribution partners.

Thanks to Pam’s perseverance, the program’s success has been overwhelming! Pam’s remarkable efforts were recognized in 2014 when she was named a Tenet Hero Hall of Fame inductee, one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a Tenet colleague for extraordinary service.

In 2016, the cereal drive is growing even more. Thank you to all who have and continue to make the “Healthy Over Hungry” Cereal Drive a success.
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    A story from my pastor’s wife who works in the cafeteria of a local school: A 14 year old boy’s mother didn’t complete the form for free lunches at the beginning of the school year and never sent money for him to buy breakfast or lunch. He would come to the cafeteria and walk around asking student’s for what they had left on their plate. This would happen every morning for breakfast and every day for lunch. She brought this situation to the church and we have paid for both meals until the end of the school year but I can’t help but wonder what he will eat this summer. Thank you for the opportunity to donate to this worthy cause.
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