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About This Campaign

I spent some time in the Dominican Republic, and saw the water conditions among many of the neighborhoods. I want to play a my part in helping to end the water crisis in the world.
So when I came home from my trip, I spent 50 days to come up with a plan to spend 50 weeks to find 50 teams to give 50 dollars a month for 50 months.

50 teams giving 50 dollars a month for 50 months is $125,000 in just over 4 years. 

That's 600 per team per year, which is $2500 per team total. 
That's 12 filters per team per year, which is 50 filters per team total.

That's water filters for 2,500 homes.

Despite having many beautiful beaches and resorts, the Dominican Republic is also home to many who do not have access to clean water. This has led to very high rates of water-borne illnesses. Although we support water access projects in the DR, water filtration is our focus. We work toward this through our ceramic water factory on the island. We invite you to the Dominican Republic to make these unique filters and distribute them to those in need.

Ceramic Water Filters are an inexpensive and effective type of water filter designed to fit inside of a five gallon container fixed with a tap. They are made locally from clay, sawdust (or combustible material), water and colloidal silver. The ingredients are measured, mixed together, pressed into a pot, and then fired in a kiln. The sawdust burns out to create small pore holes that filter out organic contaminates while the silver naturally kills bacteria in and around the filter. Our Ceramic Water Filters not only remove up to 99.9% of organic contaminants, but they also produce safe water that’s free of discoloration, odor, and unpleasant tastes. The filters work at a rate of 20 to 30 liters per day, to provide clean water for a family of five for up to five years.

Check out more details about the Dominican Republic water filter project here:
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