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Sophomore Habitat Heroes

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Sophomore Habitat Heroes
IHS Habitat Heroes

About This Campaign

Just Imagine!
Have you ever imagined a life where at the end of a busy day you go home, but your house is dilapidated, unsafe to live, and insufficient for basic necessities such as access to water & toilets? What if you have to spend all night there, and still get ready for work the next morning to make a living?

IHS 4 Habitat
There are nearly 2 billion people around the world who live in slum housing and more than 100 million are homeless. In addition, some families are left homeless by natural disasters, war and civil unrest often face dire housing situations as they struggle to rebuild their lives. Habitat For Humanity provides shelter and housing assistance to help families have a decent home to live. Please read some real stories of how Habitat has risen "hope from hopelessness" for a number of people.
Why we build?
Read Chen's story
View Deborama's story

What will you GAIN from this philanthropy of yours?
> Your name will be displayed as a PHILANTHROPIST on this website!
> If you donate by Dec 15, 2016, your name will also be printed on this year's T-SHIRTS for recognition.
> Your tax deductible donation will go directly to Habitat's hands on projects in the neighborhood and you will see the results as SMILES of fellow community members who benefit!
> You will achieve pride and satisfaction in making an impact to the society, that you will carry with you for a LIFETIME!

We sincerely appreciate your eye to the fellow habitat of our world!

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." -Mahatma Gandhi

Please also spread the message by sharing this link to prospective philanthropists/donors, your family, friends, and colleagues on social media, distributing printouts and through word of mouth.

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