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Carmel United Methodist Church has partnered with Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County to sponsor a build day. Habitat's partner family Eric (and kids) has been selected and gone through financial education classes and completed sweat equity to continue on his path of success in his new home. Please join us in our fundraising efforts to lend a hand up to Eric and his family.

Carmel UMC
Eric and Family

About This Campaign

A sudden life change took the Eric and his family from two incomes to one which triggered a downward financial spiral. Money was not only tight but often in the negative. This situation left Eric and his three school aged children struggling to find safe and affordable housing while trying to maintain some sense of normalcy. Their close-knit family faced an uncertain future and they tried to adjust to the ups and downs the best they could. As the majority care giver, Eric had few options to improve the circumstances of his nine-year-old daughter and identical twin sons. His daily task was learning to survive in this new reality. A “Habitat” home will allow them to thrive in a place they can call home. Eric said, “You think you're on one path in life, but you forget the path you walk isn't always controlled by you. We've been through a few bumps, but the kids always have had a positive outlook, which tends to help me. I am so grateful for the hard working people of Habitat for Humanity, I feel as if I can finally start my life now!". He learned about Habitat for Humanity Hamilton County when he volunteered on a home build for a co-worker who had gone through the program. He had no idea that his family would be a recipient of a Habitat home. The home building process has taught him that, while not all bumps in the road can be avoided, if you do what is necessary things will work out one way or another and sometimes in ways you might not have expected. This process has taught him patience as well as perseverance. Having a Habitat home to call their own means stability, security, release of burdens mental and physical as well as something which the Craig haven't experienced yet, comfort. They are looking forward to moving in to their brand new home in Cicero.

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