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Bill Huff

Bill Huff

Bill Huff serves as one of the Associate Directors in the Office of Residential Living at Georgetown University currently working with Summer Programs. He received his MA in Student Development in Post Secondary Education from The University of Iowa in 2006 and BA in Speech Communication/Theater & Secondary Education from Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Bill devotes his professional energy toward engaging others in dialogue and reflection centering his work around social justice and critically examining whiteness and dismantling white supremacy in higher education. ACPA has been Bill’s professional home since his first Annual Convention back in 2007 in Nashville, TN. The Coalition for Sexuality & Gender Identities (CGSI) became the community/family fostering much of his initial leadership opportunities and engagement within the Association. He served on the CGSI Directorate board in four roles over 5 years with the cumulation serving as the Chair from 2015-17. Bill found an equal passion serving on Convention Planning teams including ACPA13 Las Vegas, ACPA15 Tampa, ACPA18 Houston and currently, is the ACPA19 Convention chair in Boston. ACPA is his home, his family, and the Diamond Honoree nomination is truly humbling and one of the proudest moments in his journey.

Bill Huff
2019 Diamond Honoree

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