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How Smart Automation Can Simplify Your Nonprofit Operations

Within any nonprofit organization, administrative work (i.e issuing tax receipts, sending out emails and direct mail, maintaining and updating client and sponsor lists, and managing volunteer shift) can take up a significant amount of time. Days. Or even weeks!


Let’s say, for example, you are kicking off a new fundraising initiative that will take place over the course of three months. This program will include your entire tri-county area. This is a huge undertaking for your fundraising department. If we look at all of the questions that must be asked in order to ensure that the right supporters and the right amount of supporters are being solicited, it’s a hefty list:


Giveffect-Smart Automation Questions


A nonprofit organization seeking to answer these questions and that wants to gain more donations and donors, will likely have trouble doing so with systems that are not integrated and are completely independent of one another. This is the reason more and more nonprofits are turning towards Smart Automation.


So what exactly is Smart Automation and what does it mean? At Giveffect, it is a system of convenience and ease. Anything that happens on a website (donations, sign-ups, peer-to-peer fundraising, scheduling) gets generated automatically into the database. With Smart Automation, Giveffect can automatically log a nonprofit’s online and offline donations, create and distribute customized emails, automatically pull reports using the built-in report-building tools, and update information at the drop of a hat.


That’s why Smart Automation is so important. It integrates all time-consuming work that goes into the management of donors, volunteers, leads and contacts into one seamless operation. It shaves the time off of daily administrative tasks and makes a nonprofit’s database maintenance, event management, fundraising, and email marketing efforts less burdensome and more uniform.


And the concept is catching on! Below are just some of the nonprofit organizations from around the country who have invested in Smart Automation technology for their daily administrative needs:

An integrated system that cuts down on the time to complete administrative tasks. More accurate, up-to-date reports. And a streamlined method of maintaining and growing leads. The answer to your nonprofit’s administrative burden is clear, and that answer is Smart Automation.


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