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Inside Double the Donation, the New Giveffect Partnership

It’s estimated that $4-7 billion in matching gift revenue is going unclaimed each year, according to Double the Donations Analysis of Matching Gifts.
That’s money that was available for a matching donation to a charity, that was just missed. In most cases, it was just a simple form that could have been filled out that just…wasn’t; matching gift that was left unclaimed.
And the most common reason is that the donor did not realize that their employer has a gift matching program. And the charity didn’t realize that their donor’s employer has a gift matching program either.
In reality, 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching gift programs. And that represents over 18 million workers, according to Double the Donation.
And that is where Double the Donation comes in with gift matching software that can easily check if a donor is eligible for a matching corporate gift.
It’s the easiest way to boost your matching gift revenue.
And now Giveffect has partnered with Double the Donation to make their tools an option that can be added to any Giveffect page your nonprofit has created if you are a client of Double the Donation.
“We are excited to partner with Double the Donation and incorporate their offering into our donation pages” Giveffect Co-founder and CPO Allan Shin said. “We’re excited about the added versatility for our clients, allowing them to unlock untapped revenue streams, and cultivate new corporate relationships.”
And can get a first-hand look at the program and how it can be used in Giveffect if you join us this Thursday, May 13 at 2:30 p.m. ET in a special joint webinar co-hosted by Double the Donation. Learn more about the event and register now: