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New Giveffect Feature Allows You to Sync Emails


There is one easy way that you can sync all your emails to your Giveffect CRM, simply add this email address to the bcc section of each email. 


No complicated key codes. No complex setups with your IT department. 


Giveffect will do the rest, adding the correspondence to all records associated with the email address(es). If there is no record for one of the emails, Giveffect will create a new record for the individual. If the email address is found on more than one record in Giveffect, the email interaction will be saved to all of the matching contact records. 


The system even keeps track of email attachments (for most sizes and common file types). 


The system even works for emails you receive. Just forward the email to the same address,, to add into the Giveffect CRM. Pro tip: Don’t edit the forwarded message description block, and send the email. Giveffect will match the email address found in the forwarded message block to constituent email addresses in your database.


As long as the email addresses in the Giveffect CRM are accurate, the system will do all the work for you. 


And of course, this feature is in addition to our great email campaign system, which allows you to track and automate your mass emails. 


Also: See our other recent blog on our other new feature for workflow automation.