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Giveffect and Smart Automation: Helping your Special Events Manager

When it comes to the planning and execution of large scale special events for a nonprofit organization, it’s a big task. Whether we’re talking about the finer points of putting together a music festival, a fall carnival, a marathon, or a holiday gala, there are many moving parts, both big and small, in making these events happen. And to execute the event successfully, there needs to be someone in place who can wear many different hats, speak to many different levels of people, and be able to execute, delegate and manage no matter what the circumstances are. So, this begs the question: What exactly does a nonprofit special events manager do? A standard job description for a special events manager at a nonprofit organization might include the following duties:


-Plans and executes special events, functions and meetings for multiple departments

-Manage multiple large and small events simultaneously

-Develops and recommends event operating procedures

-Determines fiscal requirements for events

-Oversees and facilitates event briefings and coordination of speakers

-Works with designers to create promotional tools for the event as well as collateral for the day of the event


As we can see, a nonprofit special events manager has a lot to be concerned with, before, during and after an event. They are concerned with everything from the number of full time staff and volunteers that will be at an event, to who is seated near whom, to if the constraints of the budget are being focused on. The special events manager has to be in tune with everything that goes into making events come off without a hitch. Being in charge of putting together music concerts, food festivals, galas, carnivals and awards ceremonies, a special events manager must have the right connections within the nonprofit organization and must know how to put all of those people and resources together to successfully execute their event.


If a special events manager has Giveffect as part of their professional arsenal, they are better equipped to effectively execute the events of the nonprofit organization. This is because Giveffect gives the organization and the manager access to a suite of software that is interconnected, integrated and bound together to give a 360-degree view of what the organization is accomplishing. Because of all the tools found in Giveffect, the job of a special events manager is made easier with software systems that can talk to each other, give information to each other, and are automated specifically for this purpose. Gone are the days where a special events manager has to use a separate contact management system, email marketing system, volunteer management system and wealth screening system. Now, with Giveffect, they can stay within one system to do everything that they need to.


Some of the systems in Giveffect that a Special Events Manager would utilize include:

-Contact & Relationship Management System

-Email Marketing & Direct Mail System

-Volunteer Management System


Contact & Relationship Management System

In the nonprofit world, relationships are everything. Like many of the roles in a nonprofit, the special events manager relies on these relationships to help them make the organization’s events more reputable and more sought after. So it’s no wonder that within Giveffect, the manager can use the contact & relationship management system to connect with individuals and businesses and simplify communication with them while reducing the amount of manual data entry that goes into doing so. While in the back end, the CRM menu gives a special events manager full access to key features for donors and their contact information. By clicking any name found under the Contacts tab, the manager can get a general overview of anyone they are trying to target to get to attend an event, or donate money to it. And these are just a few of the features and tools found with the CRM system.

Email Marketing & Direct Mail System

Any special events manager worth their salt knows how important it is to spread the word about their event at the right time and to the right people. Giveffect gives them a more empowered and integrated way to do so with our fully-integrated email marketing system. For one thing, using Giveffect allows a nonprofit to fully integrate their Mailchimp or Sparkpost email marketing account with Giveffect. Contact leads can be converted to individuals or organizations that are updated and added to your database using the Contacts tab found in the back end under the CRM tab. Email campaigns can be created easily and seamlessly using our drag-and-drop technology, so you don’t have to be an HTML or a coding wiz to create stunning, engaging newsletters. And email campaign analytics can be tracked by clicking on the activity icon on the Email Campaign page, also in the back end of Giveffect. So the email marketing system can make an email marketing expert out of your special event manager.

Volunteer Management System

The volunteer management system allows for a special events manager and his or her staff to keep track of volunteers while they attend said event. They will likely work with the volunteer manager and coordinator to fully staff an event with volunteer help. Because volunteer jobs, shifts and assignments can be more easily created in the volunteer system, the special events manager has an easier time in keeping track of what volunteers are in attendance. And with Event Buddy, the Giveffect free mobile and web app, volunteers can keep track of attendees, and managers and event coordinators can keep track of volunteers. This is because Event Buddy allows you to turn your mobile device into a portable volunteer check-in kiosk, right on your phone, laptop or tablet.

As we see, a special events manager is able to do much more with a system that is fully integrated and connected. And beyond just having ten systems in one, the the most important part of Giveffect that will most benefit the manager and the organization as a whole is the Smart Automation tool, our signature software that empowers the entire Giveffect system. Integrated and automated data entry, email automation, integrated reports & queries, and an overall connected system are just a few of the features that are featured in Smart Automation. And because of everything that it is, a special events manager can do all that they need to do within the system and can significantly reduce and even eliminate the need for manual data entry and to rely on administrative work that takes away from the mission that the manager and the organization need to accomplish.

The job of the special events manager is a big one that cannot be taken lightly. Isn’t it good to know that there is a company that wants to help make that job easier through connected, integrated software?


Want to learn more about how Giveffect and Smart Automation can help your nonprofit organization better execute your special events? Schedule a demo with us today by visiting us online at

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