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Giveffect Helping An Organization Manage Their Volunteers Efficiently

5 Ways Your Volunteer Management Software Can Make Life Easier

While nonprofit organizations differ in size, scope, mission, vision, and focus, there are several things that many nonprofits have in common. One of those things being employees who are pressed for time. Many of these employees are doing several jobs and playing multiple roles within their organization. Due to this limited time, nonprofit professionals should be able to depend on a volunteer software system that is reliable, innovative, and performs many, if not all, of its most important tasks.

Nonprofits, like all businesses and organizations, exist in a world that is more connected and collaborative than ever before. So, it’s a great idea for a volunteer to be able to speak to other systems, or even be directly integrated with them. Below are a few reasons why a volunteer system that is able to talk to other systems is one of the most valuable and viable things any nonprofit can have.

Responsibility is taken off of volunteers

  • Volunteers fill out an online application, and the volunteer software system does the rest.
  • Volunteers do not have to track their hours manually; Giveffect takes care of that.
  • Automated volunteer confirmation and reminder emails make things more efficient.

Data becomes more centralized

    • Centralized data is easier to access.
    • The volunteer software system embeds right into an organization’s website.
    • Various types of reports available through the Giveffect Mission Control tool.

A seamless, paperless experience is created

  • Hours of manual data entry are eliminated.
  • Volunteer coordinators and Development Directors have better data to go on.
  • Forms, waivers, skills, and interest groups are customized and tracked.

More efficient data for future volunteer management decisions

  • Volunteer recruitment analytics make recruitment efforts easier.
  • Volunteer newsletter analytics give up to the minute, concrete numbers.
  • Volunteer quality control highlights superstars that are working hard in your organization.

Volunteer shifts are created and managed more efficiently

  • Send out public and private online calendars.
  • All entries are saved in the volunteer management software.
  • Schedule an unlimited amount of volunteer shifts and jobs.

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Nonprofit employees are already in a great time crunch. Why not have a volunteer software system that takes some weight off their shoulders, cuts down on time lost, and connects with other important systems throughout your organization?

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