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Charity Auction: A Great Way to Broaden Your Audience

Auctions have become more common and familiar to most people. In person, estate, bank, silent, charity, and police auctions have become a common event for many. Online, Ebay offers a constant auction. More recently, nonprofits have entered the digital space, too, with Goodwill holding online auctions for their goods. 
But any nonprofit can host an auction, but hosting one online can be complicated if you don’t have the right support.
The Giveffect Difference
Giveffect can make online auctions easy for anyone. Create your own auction webpage dedicated to your auction and explaining the fundraiser. You can enter your biddable items using Giveffect’s friendly interface and set all the details, from buy-it-now to reserve pricing. Even silent auctions are an option! 
For example, you want an auction to be part of your live event broadcast. Perhaps it’s a gala. A Giveffect scoreboard will show who the leading bidder is for each item, in real time. People can also place bids on their mobile devices using text messages to bid. 
The entire auction can be managed in one place, from attendees to items, to the full bidding process. And all of the information that is gathered, like the registration of the bidders, is stored automatically in the Giveffect CRM, allowing anyone in the system to review the auction data later. If needed, it can be further cross-referenced with any other trackable data points, such as other event attendance, donations, or volunteering the individual has done.
Beyond data aggregation, Giveffect even automates bidding notifications, bid extensions, winner confirmation, payout fulfillment, a thank you letter, and tax receipts. 
You can also host branded auction pages or third-party auctions. 
Check out this auction that was held in Giveffect to see how the functionality works:
Why It Matters
With Giveffect taking care of a lot of the busy work of creating an auction, this allows you to dedicate your time to promoting the auction and obtaining items for the auction. 
And when someone registers for your auction in Giveffect, their information will be automatically added to the CRM. So now you can create campaigns to build a new relationship with new contacts. Or a campaign to re-engage with contacts who attend an auction and haven’t been active lately otherwise. 
Online auctions are a great way to reach out and expand your contact list with individuals who may not attend other awareness events. Giveffect can give you the tools to make that outreach as varied as possible, with the least amount of busywork. Let us answer your questions and show you how in a demo: