A Modern Software for your Nonprofit.

With Giveffect Nonprofit software, you can do more than just store contact information in a database. You can actually eliminate Nonprofit administration work for your team with one end-to-end solution. Giveffect is the only nonprofit software provider that connects your contact records with all donor, events, fundraising, volunteering, emailing, accounting and other Nonprofit core activities, all in the cloud.

A quick change in Giveffect by you or your employees = a change across all your Nonprofit systems.

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A central Nonprofit hub for your Nonprofit docs and contact data.

A central Nonprofit hub for your Nonprofit docs and contact data.

Put all your Nonprofit data online in the cloud —securely and paperlessly—so you and your employees can access it anytime, anywhere with our Nonprofit software.

  • Donations Tracking
  • Volunteer Tracking
  • Events Tracking
  • Fundraising Participation Tracking
  • Email Rules for Tax-Receipts and Thank You notes
  • Direct Mail Templates for offline gifts
  • Liability & Waiver Forms
  • Newsetter Templates
  • Expense Tracking
  • ... and more!

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Real-time Nonprofit reports & analytics.

With Giveffect's Nonprofit software - you can view your whole nonprofit health in a glance - donors, volunteers, campaigns, fundraisers, email marketing and more.

  • Manage supporter growth
  • Understand donation and volunteer trends
  • Understand events and fundraising trends
  • Understand email marketing and newsletter outreach effectiveness
  • Boost supporter engagement
  • Increase finance and accounting efficiency
  • Increase operational efficiency

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Real-time Nonprofit reports & analytics.
Giveffect's Smart Automation.

Giveffect's Smart Automation.

You can actually eliminate Nonprofit administration work for your team with Giveffect's end-to-end solution.

  • Scale supporter engagement
  • Create meaningful interactions with all your supporters
  • Never leave a donor, volunteer or participant hanging
  • Automate endless administrative paperwork
  • Spend more time and resources - fueling your mission

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Employee and Supporter self-service.

Save time, and empower your employees with their own Nonprofit portal. Admin and employees have customizable permission settings. Changes are automatically updated across all integrated Nonprofit software systems. Donors, volunteers and supporters may opt-in for their own personal logins to manage their donations, shifts, fundraisers and event participations.

"We wanted a system that looked better with more functionality in the database’s backend! The Smart Automation piece that goes on behind the scenes made a larger scale impact on my workload when it came to automating administrative tasks and reporting."

Martin Mai - Development Director, UCLA Unicamp

How can Giveffect's Nonprofit software help you?

Unlike other Nonprofit software companies, we don't just eliminate your paperwork, we eliminate the root cause of it. Our Nonprofit solution encompasses a host of other online Nonprofit solutions: