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Giveffect is your one-stop food bank and food pantry software. Choose Giveffect for all your food bank's online, offline, in-kind donation tracking, donor and volunteer management, fundraising and communication.

Whether you are a large food bank or a smaller agency, easily manage donors and volunteers in one place while automating data entry, outreach, marketing and more. See what makes Giveffect the best food pantry software for nonprofits of all sizes.

Online Giving & Fundraising

Make supporting your food bank easy with one-time gifts, recurring donations, pledges, in-kind gifts and branded online fundraising pages. So whether you want to have a monthly giving program, a virtual food drive or a peer-to-peer fundraiser, Giveffect's food pantry database software can help you save time and optimize your fundraising efforts.

And with each online giving or fundraising event type, all your supporter's data is stored automatically in the database. You can measure success with built-in real-time data analytics and reporting.

Virtual Food Drive

Save resources and the hassle of moving heavy food drive boxes and inspire your community to end hunger with virtual food drive campaigns powered by Giveffect. In addition to a traditional campaign with donation options, your supporters can buy virtual food items such as canned goods or fresh produce.

Food Bank Virtual Food Drive

Peer-to-Peer & Team Fundraising

Simplify peer-to-peer fundraising with branded and customized campaign pages plugged seamlessly into your existing website with Giveffect. Mobilize your community of donors, volunteers and corporate sponsors to recruit supporters and fundraise on your behalf. Seamlessly offer self-sign-up for individuals and teams for your next year-end giving campaign or any other initiative.

Fundraising Team Pages

Ticketed Events

Power your food bank's next gala, golf tournament, walkathon or other ticketed event with Giveffect.

Customize your tickets, and automate the payment processing and the sales and attendance tracking process. When your supporter purchases a ticket, we do the rest. Ticket confirmation emails are sent automatically, and a copy of the ticket is stored within each constituent profile.

On the event day, simply scan the ticket with Giveffect's Event Buddy App to easily track attendance.

Ticketed events webpage

Classes & Certifications

Create registration pages and track attendance for your online and in-person ServSafe® Food Manager Certification classes, exam opportunities and workshops.

Customize the check-out flow with multiple registration fee options and custom questions. Attach a liability waiver or form directly to the checkout flow. All information is captured and securely stored within each constituent profile within Giveffect CRM.

Partner family application form

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are the heart of food banks. Make volunteering at your food bank easy with online volunteer applications, calendars and volunteer campaigns seamlessly plugged into your website. We help save you time and make attracting, onboarding and managing your volunteers easy with 10-in-one software loved by food banks and food pantries.

Make Volunteering at Your Food Bank Easy with an Online Calendar

Manually managing schedules leads to inefficiencies, mistakes, communication issues, and as a result, delays in project completion. Reduce manual work and stress by equipping your food bank with volunteer scheduling software.

Simplify volunteer scheduling with an online calendar plugged seamlessly into your existing website. And provide volunteers with a chance to browse upcoming volunteer opportunities at their convenience.

Provide volunteers with options to join a waitlist or complete a group reservation. Use password protection for any volunteer assignments requiring specific skills.

Example of Online Volunteer Calendar Tool

Mobilize Your Community with Volunteer Campaign Pages

Extend the reach and recruit more volunteers for your holiday food drive or all other volunteer events you plan with custom volunteer campaign pages powered by GIveffect. Give your volunteers an opportunity to sign up as individuals or groups or provide the option to create their own teams.

All campaign pages are mobile-friendly and shareable on social media to extend reach, attract more volunteers and bring more attention to your cause.

Pride build webpage

Volunteer Applications & Waiver Tracking

Ensure compliance for every volunteer across projects. Customize and collect volunteer applications, volunteer liability and minor liability waivers online, and always have them available when needed.

Giveffect stores a digital copy of the completed waivers and automatically sends thank-you notes to volunteers for completing them.

Add age restrictions and collect minor liability waivers when necessary. With Giveffect's food pantry management software, parents can digitally sign a waiver of liability, and it's kept on file in one place.

Example of Liability Waiver Signature

Volunteer Registration

Automate hour tracking and simplify reporting with Giveffect's multiple options for seamless volunteer check-in and check-out.

Efficiently manage volunteer check-ins and check-outs using Giveffect's Event Buddy App on your phone, tablet, or computer. Or, generate a QR code to enable quick self-check-in and check-out on-site or at food drive locations.

Eventbuddy Checkin using QR code

Volunteer Engagement

Keep volunteers engaged with your food bank and increase volunteer retention year after year.

  • Automated Thank Yous and Reminders

    Remove repetitive tasks from your calendar. Giveffect automatically emails sign-up confirmations, reminders for upcoming volunteer shifts and thank-you notes.

  • Volunteer Surveys

    Keep a pulse on how your volunteers feel with surveys. Save time by utilizing workflows to automatically send volunteer surveys after they complete their shifts.

  • Volunteer Rewards

    Strengthen relationships with volunteer appreciation events or issue discounts for your most devoted volunteers for your next event. All without ever leaving the Giveffect platform.

Giveffect Email Template Example

Food Bank Marketing & Communications

Communication is one of the primary keys to high engagement. Continuously communicate with your donors and volunteers through email, text and direct marketing without leaving Giveffect CRM. We help save you time and improve engagement by managing your marketing and communications with 10-in-one software loved by food banks and food pantries.

Email Marketing

Build personalized email campaigns within Giveffect food bank management software and send them to targeted lists of your supporters. Utilize a wide range of mail-merge fields to pull specific data from the CRM to customize your communication and point to a clear call-to-action to engage your supporters, encouraging them to take action.

Our email marketing provides analytics to help you gain valuable insights into your supporters, campaigns and web traffic. For example, you can easily see metrics on your open rate, link clicks and more.

Drag and Drop Website Builder

Direct Marketing

Create and print letters, postcards, annual statements, invoices and tax receipts for your supporters in a few clicks.

Giveffect Postcard mailing

Text Marketing

Build text message marketing campaigns within Giveffect software to target segmented lists of your supporters. Create keywords for text-to-give campaigns and encourage your supporters to participate and end hunger in your community - even while on the go.

Mobile Bidding

Back-office Automation

Time is one of the most precious currencies for food bank professionals. Giveffect's food pantry software automates the time-consuming work of managing your donors, volunteers, leads and contacts.

  • Automate Data Entry

    All data flows into your database in real time. So your team will no longer spend time manually importing and exporting data from one system to another.

  • Automate Email Confirmation

    Giveffect automatically sends thank-you emails and tax receipts to all your donors, volunteers and event participants.

  • Project & Task Management

    Stay on top of every project and task with customizable notifications and task management. Set tasks for yourself and colleagues in your food bank software and get notifications upon completion.

To get started, book a demo to unlock your food bank's potential with Giveffect today.